Monday, September 30, 2013

Performance Bell Helicopter Parts

Bell helicopter parts are preferred when there is a need of performance. We at ASAP SEMI ensure to deliver high end helicopter parts. Our service is scattered throughout the United States As we deliver top notch service. The overall performance of Bell helicopter parts has been outstanding and phenomenal. There is no comparison to this brand of aircraft parts. One of the striking features is of obsolete parts. Everyone knows that obsolete parts are hard to find, production of such parts is shut and no one deals in them because they are not required. But yes there are airplanes in use which are obsolete as they are masterpiece and these airplanes require such parts. We at ASAP SEMI are proud to stock such parts which are required for many obsolete airplanes. 

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Eldec Connectors for Various Aerospace and Electronics Purpose

About Eldec Connectors:

Eldec is one of the top divisions of Crane Aerospace & Electronics, which supplies critical systems and components to various different markets, including aerospace and defense. They have applications in landing gear, engines, satellites, medical implants, unmanned aerial systems, and many others. Crane Co. currently employs 11,000 employees at 120 locations in over 25 countries. Since its founding in 1855, annual net sales have grown to $2.58 billion as of 2012.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

ERNI Electronics - Effective Electric Manufacturing Solutions

ERNI Electronics Overview:

ERNI Electronics is one of the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of interconnects for telecommunications, data communications, computer, industrial, and medical markets. ERNI is one of the largest manufacturers that are in compliance with the DIN 41612, a standard for electrical connectors that is widely used in rack based electrical systems. DIN 41612 is currently the most widely accepted standard for industrial PCB components in the world. ERNI Electronics GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the ERNI Group of companies that specializes in electrical engineering and electronics. ERNI has locations in Europe as well as 40 other countries. It employs approximately 650 employees, with annual revenue of 120 million EUR.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brief Overview of Thomas & Betts (T&B) Corporation

Thomas and Betts distributor

History of Thomas and Betts:

In 1898, two students from Princeton University, Robert Thomas and Hobart Betts, started a platform for selling electrical distributors back when electric lighting was first introduced. Years later, it became the company Thomas & Betts, which is what it is known as today. Thomas & Betts propelled itself into the industry as a pioneer by inventing the cable ties in 1958 that facilitate assembling wire harnesses in airplanes. The company, at the size it is today, is one of the biggest companies in the low-voltage products market and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Energize Your Business with Cooper Bussmann Circuit Protection

Cooper Bussmann is a division of Cooper Industries, a global electrical products manufacturer founded in 1833. Other divisions of this company are Cooper Lighting, Cooper B-line, Cooper Safety, Cooper Wiring Devices, Cooper Power Systems, and Cooper Crouse-Hinds. It has manufacturing facilities in 23 countries and as of 2011, Cooper Industries was bringing in $5.4 billion in revenue.
Cooper Bussmann Circuit protection

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Expanding Fiber Optic Technology with Cinch Connector

Cinch Connector Distributors
Since its founding in 1917 in Lombard, Illinois, Cinch Connectors has been designing and manufacturing a variety of interconnect products, specifically high speed connectors which are distributed to aerospace, military and defense, industrial, transportation, and computer markets. Their product offering includes connectors and enclosures and cable assemblies that utilize copper and fiber optics as well as other contact technologies. Currently, they have manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Sweden, and the UK, as well as engineering support locations in India and France. Since January of 2010, Cinch Connectors, Inc. has been operating as a subsidiary of Bel Fuse Inc. Key executives is Michael Murray and Daniel Bernstein, who are the CEOs of Cinch Connectors and Bel Fuse, respectively.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Get Global Connector Solutions with Positronic Industries

Positronic Industries
Founded in 1966, Positronic Industries, Inc. has grown to become a global manufacturer and supplier of high reliability electronic connectors and build-to-print cable assemblies. It is primarily known for its manufacturing of high reliability power connectors and D-sub connectors. It is based in Springfield, Missouri but also has manufacturing locations in Puerto Rico, France, China, Singapore, and India, as well as sales offices in Missouri, France, and Singapore. The company’s current product offering includes power, D-subminiature, circular, rectangular, fiber optic, hermetic, thermocouple, application tooling, and cable assembly connectors. Some notable achievements include its introduction of new and unique connector products to the electronics industry and patents for unique connector features and manufacturing techniques.

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